Our Mission

To help seniors live healthier, more comfortable, active and connected lives by providing them premium, innovative products and services.

Our Brands

Our most popular brands include those listed below, but we also provide a curated selection of other products that help our customers age gracefully, safely and independently.

About Us

Journey Health & Lifestyle is a family of senior-focused brands offering innovative, premium products and services. From mobility and comfort to communication and many other essential categories, our products deliver an enhanced quality of life. Our direct-to-consumer business model is designed to let seniors shop in the places and methods that they prefer, with our brands found online, on TV and in popular publications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Perfect Sleep Chair

"Lift chairs are an investment in your quality of life. It’s just not the place to try and save a few bucks. At first glance there are many different chairs. I’m a big person and it became clear there were just a few to chose from. What First Street does is just design and build the best chair. If you need a lift chair then you really need one. You don’t sort of need one. The Perfect Sleep Chair will change your life for the better. You have suffered enough, step up and sit in your throne! I can’t think of anything that affects my quality of life more. Just invest in your happiness and buy the Perfect Sleep Chair."

- Jay C.

The Zinger

"The Zinger is amazing and life changing for my brother Don. He can now attend my daughters wedding and take his dog for a walk. I really feel he has a better quality of life now! I am his care taker and I really wish he would have started zinging awhile ago!!! It's like a go cart, dune buggy or something fun like that. Lol I feel you should consider donating one to someone in desperate need or maybe a donation to a senior center because it is life changing! Obviously I think this chair is amazing! Thank you Zinger!"

- Nancy G.

WOW Computer

"WOW! The perfect name for this amazing computer. I have been using it for about a month and thoroughly enjoy the speed and ease in which I am able to download pictures from my camera and share them with family and friends via email. Everything is so easy to use at the touch of my fingertips. To be able to chat with and see my grandchildren is as though they are here with me. I haven’t begun to explore all the benefits of this computer. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I love it, love it, love it!"

- Carol K.

Perfect Walker

"I am so glad I got this walker. It's much easier to walk with, because you stand upright. I use it in my house and, I plan to use it to walk up and down in my driveway for exercise. Hopefully that can build up my strength to go on longer walks, something I thought was lost to me. This walker folds up very easily and you can make it skinny if you have a narrow spot in your house to get through, then widen it again on the other side. I highly recommend this walker."

- Pattie

Zoomer Chair

"My Zoomer is a delight to ride! It has increased my mobility in my apartment, my opportunities to enjoy the-out-of-doors, and enabled me to visit the homes of my children for longer periods of time. The various speeds of it match my need for safety, it is easy to turn, and I am most pleased with the freedom of movement it gives me."

- Anne M.


"I love my Quingo, I lost confidence when I fell off a previous scooter, but when I did a test drive on my Quingo my confidence came back immediately I couldn't wait for my Quingo to arrive thanks to your salesman he was great with me and reassured me I was going to be ok, and I was. I love my Quingo 1000%. Thank you so much."

- Ms. Milne

Management Team

Harvey Diamond

Executive Chairman


Richard Kolodny

Executive Chairman


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Vanessa Saltmarsh

Chief Revenue Officer


Tony Dodds

Chief Financial Officer


Donna Harmer

Director, Customer Service


John Fleming

SVP, Marketing


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VP, Technology


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SVP, Call Center Operations