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Since 1987, our thoughtful product innovations have aided millions of people, helping them keep moving, get more comfortable, feel safe and stay independent for as long as possible ... because we know that some of life's best memories are on the road ahead.

Our Mission is to help seniors live healthier, more comfortable, active and connected lives by providing them premium, innovative products and services.

  • Thoughtful Designs

    We engineer products that elegantly integrate into your daily life.

  • Caring Support

    Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Impeccable Quality

    Our products are designed to be the best solutions you can find.

  • Enjoy Life

    Above all, we create products to help you get more enjoyment out of every day.

Enjoy life with So Lite

Your life’s not behind you. It’s all around you.

Journey Health & Lifestyle is dedicated to helping people navigate life’s changes as they grow older. That’s why our focus is on developing and delivering premium, feature-rich products that help you get moving, stay comfortable, sleep better and improve life in a myriad of ways. Because we want to help you keep living your best life every day of your life.

Journey Health & Lifestyle introduces the newest innovations in mobility.

Find out more about our So Lite™ family of mobility aids.

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