The Journey Zoomer is a folding power chair that puts mobility at your fingertips.

Long-lasting Battery

The Zoomer can go up to eight miles on one charge, so you can go anywhere without running out of power.

Simple One Handed Control

With the easy one-handed joystick, you can move anywhere you want in your Zoomer.

Use Indoors or Outdoors

At home you can ride right up to the table and then go outside with ease over gravel or grass

What our customers are saying:


"One Word...Freedom!

I am 88 years old and mobility has become limited. I have gone fishing with this chair and shopping. I even ride it in the neighborhood for some fresh air and sunshine. Best purchase I have made. This chair is so incredibly easy to use. I highly recommend it."

— Bill


"I Love My New Zoomer

My Zoomer has allowed me to regain a bit of the mobility that I have lost due to my M.S. It was recommended to me by my Doctor as well as the M.S. Society. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful machine."

— Nancy


"Best friend ever

This chair allows me to live my life. It gives me a chance to go on vacation with my husband. Freedom is a great thing. Without my Zoomer I would not get to travel now that I am retired."

— Nan


The Zoomer is not a traditional scooter or power chair but a personal electronic vehicle - and the future of battery-powered transportation.

Simple Disassembly

With the quick-release frame design, the Zoomer can be easily disassembled into two separate parts (seat frame and rear wheel section). Rear wheel section plus battery weighs 30.5lb.

Folds and unfolds in a second

Folding and unfolding your Zoomer is easy! Just pull on the release cable and it folds down or up, with no additional assembly required.

Removable, long-lasting battery

The battery takes less than four hours to fully charge and will power your Zoomer for up to 8 miles. The removable battery makes it airline-friendly too, so your Zoomer is a perfect travel companion.

Simple one-handed joystick steering

You have full 360° control at your fingertips.

Easy to transport

The Zoomer folds down to only 12.5". Just pull the release cable, and it will fold up and fit into any backseat or trunk.


Grass, dirt, small gravel—the Zoomer can handle it all. Indoors or outdoors, wherever you want to go, it will get you there.

Peace of mind with our Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are unhappy with your Journey Zoomer chair,

you have 30 days to return it.

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