Learning to drive your Zinger is easy.

Learning is easier in a straight and flat place with room to turn arround.

Be sure to have plenty of space to practice turning left and right. The Zinger always starts in LOW (Speed Light L), which is perfect for learning. Having enough space is VERY important so you're free to experiment until you get the hang of it.

Just follow these simple steps and you'll be "Zinging" around in minutes!

Note: Congested spaces are not ideal for learning to drive and steer your Zinger.

To Go Forward

Push down and hold both levers down. Then gently squeeze the Variable Speed Trigger on the right lever to start the motor and vary the speed.

To Stop or Slow Down

Pull up on both levers to apply both wheel brakes. To stop quicker, pull harder!

To Turn Left

Pull up on the left lever and push down on the right lever.

To Turn Right

Pull up on the right lever and push down on the left lever.

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